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Clean air starts with YOU!

When we breathe cleaner, we live better – that’s the point of Healthy Air Living!

Healthy Air Living is an initiative that provides ways to make decisions, day to day, that take into consideration their effect on Valley air quality. Healthy Air Living is a “toolbox” of ideas and strategies that help each of us take voluntary, high-impact measures in our personal lives and workplace to reduce emissions.

Through Healthy Air Living, we can:

  • Reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled through the Valley each day
  • Reduce emissions from equipment and processes
  • Reduce emissions during times when air quality is poor

Healthy Air Living will give you the resources you need to incorporate clean-air strategies into your life and connect you to other people who want to help us breathe healthier air.

Live a Healthy Air life! Take the pledge!

Healthy ideas to live by